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“Lyndon has done top quality work on anything I have sent him. I plan on having him do more for me too. You won't regret having this man build you a firearm. Keep up the work Kiwi and I hope you don't retire anytime soon!!!!”  


I bought one of Lyndon's KCG-47s and I couldn't be happier. One of the nicest AK-47 style rifles I've ever used. To top it all off one of the best parts about it is that, on the receiver, it says Riverbank California. I love having an AK-47 made in California!!” 


Lyndon has repaired several of my old firearms. An 1897 Winchester pump shotgun a 1917 Colt Army Revolver, and a Boer War Webley revolver. He can build anything. And often does” 


Beautiful workmanship and finish. I looked hard, and it's impossible to see the slightest sign that the receiver was ever cut up. You are a wizard! Thank you so much for your meticulous work and patience.


Thank you for doing such a great job on the Bren.  I have seen several other guys rewelds, and yours is the best.  The finish is very even and the welds are not visible at all.  The action cycles as smooth as silk, and the gun is accurate, moa less the 2, 5 rounds at 150yards can be covered with the palm of your hand!


 I had my Bren MK1 built by Kiwi. This was easily the most I have ever spent on any gun or anything that is gun related. I mailed my kit to Kiwi on 19 July 2016 and was told that his expected start date for the build was the 1st of October. I received a update when I was on the way home from the creek saying that he had started on my kit over the past weekend. I thought great I should see pictures of a welded receiver in a couple months or so. I was very wrong I got an email 1 week later with a video showing the test fire of my kit. I was more than blown away at the speed of the build and the excellent communication that was given throughout the build. I took several pictures of the outside showing the areas where the cuts were and they are completely unnoticeable. I picked it up last Friday from the FFL and wasn't able to shoot it until today but I got a quick video. I went through 120 rounds total without a single hiccup.  Long story short I would not hesitate to have Mr. Yates do a build for me. This was excellent work Thank you very much!


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