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Image by Jay Rembert


Process Overview:

Do you have firearms and/or ammunition that have been taken into law enforcement custody and can only be released to an FFL?  We can coordinate with local agencies to pick up your firearms and/or ammunition and process the paperwork necessary to return the firearms to you or another individual who is eligible to own/possess firearms.   

1.  Submit Law Enforcement Release to FFL Request

​​2.  We will review your request and contact you to gather any additional        information necessary to coordinate with the agency.  

3.  Pay Fees  -  LE Release to FFL Fee & Firearm Intake Processing fees         must be paid in full prior to release from agency.

4.  We will notify you via email or phone when your firearm(s) and/or             ammunition have been received, inspected, and logged into our                 system.

5.  Promptly come into the store with all required documentation to               start your registration paperwork and pay remaining fees.

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