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We only facilitate Intra-Familial Transfers when the firearm is being SHIPPED directly to us from out-of-state (P.C.16720).  If the firearm has already been acquired by the new family member then they must complete the Intra-Familial Transfer Paper Form or complete online in CFARS and register directly with CA DOJ within 30 days (P.C. 27875).

The following are the ONLY relationships that qualify:

  • Parent > Child

  • Child > Parent

  • Grandparent > Grandchild

  • Grandchild > Grandparent

Intra-Familial Transfers are EXEMPT from the CA DOJ Handgun Roster.

Intra-Familial Transfers are EXEMPT from the one firearm every 30 day limit.


KCG Intra-Familial Transfer Process Overview:

1.  You must ensure all firearms are legal to possess in CA and are in a CA           compliant configuration.

2.  Select and contact FFL where the firearm is being transferred from. 

3.  Gather information & documents required to submit to KCG for Intra-               Familial Transfer Request

  • Firearm information (make, model, caliber & serial number)​

  • FFL information (name, phone, email, city/state)

  • Copy of front & back of relatives valid, unexpired state Driver's License/ID Card

  • Signed Letter of Intent from relative - example

​4.  Submit Intra-Familial Transfer Request​ to KCG,

5.  We will review your request and if approved, send a copy of our FFL to the       FFL you have chosen.  

6.  We will notify you via email when your firearm has been received,                     inspected, and logged into our system.

7.  Come into the store with all required documentation to pay your fees and         start your registration paperwork!

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